I’m featured on an App?!

Handpicked_Logo  11076931_10205400566600810_1890612948_n

I’m not talking about appetizers // Shoutout to Apple for the App Store, which years later leads to this great app called Handpicked. This is a fashion app which is pocket sized mall all on your phone, which includes all my favourite brands such as ASOS, Missguided and even Urban Outfitters. I like to call this app “tinder for the shopaholic” because it is as simple as swiping left if you’re not into the piece or right if you want to catch it and never let go! How much easier can it get? It also has divided sections by styles or featured blogger’s wish lists. Fair warning, you will become obsessed.

Featured Fashion Guru // This is where I come in! Handpicked’s lovely team contacted me asking if I would like to be featured and share the pieces I love to my WishList on the app. I was more than happy to say yes and here we are! My WishList will be featured on Handpicked this week starting today, March 16th 2015, for anyone and everyone who has the app. I have styles from sporty chic, smart-causal and even dresses to go have a wild night out.

I want to say a huge thank you to Handpicked for giving me this great opportunity to showcase my style and blog!

Now all you fashion obsessed babes, download the app and check out my WishList

Link to Handpicked on the App Store: http://bit.ly/1unEcB5

Website: https://www.handpicked.org

My Wishlist: https://www.handpicked.org/stream?tags=StylingWithSabrina

Twitter: @Handpickedapp

xo, StylingWithSabrina


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